Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sugar Ray's Tavern

From 3/13/07 from pseudo-intellectualism Couldn't find any pics online of Sugar Ray's Tavern, but I had some in an excellent book I have, "East Side, West Side: New York City's Sport Scene, 1910-1960," by Lawrence Ritter. In the picture above we see Sugar Ray entertaining passerbys outside his Tavern. You can see the Theresa Hotel on the next block and the RKO Alhambra one block further north, between 125th and 126th. I think I can make out a barber shop named the "Golden Chair." Below we see Sugar Ray tending bar inside.

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professor darkheart said...

Sugar Ray owned a barbershop called the "Golden Gloves" on that block, so I think that must be the one in the picture.

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