Monday, February 4, 2008

PowerPoint Vs. Keynote And Dr. King's Birthday

From a January 2007 post that had a link to a video of mine deleted:

Boy do I hate PowerPoint, especially when it comes to embedding media which I like to do. I remembered that years ago I had started to make a PPoint with the great King song from "Boycott" which was written by Hobbs and Clark. I had invested a lot of work into it, since I had to hand transcribe the lyrics because I couldn't find them online. What I like to do is create a PP template that already has the song, the timing and the lyrics embedded. I then hand it over to the kids so they can put in their own images and supplementary text. By doing it this way you can provide for a more successful learning experience and avoid hearing those blankety blank typewriter transitions. Later on you can back-track and teach all the other PPoint bells and whistles. I brought up my unfinished project for the 6th graders on the screen (hopefully later in the year we could do this as a class or independently with the laptop cart, especially now that I have Ms. Watson to provide her soothing classroom management magic) and I had the kids lead me to the images they wanted.
Still later on at home, I just couldn't get this to work. I said, "Schmuck, why don't you try Keynote, you're a Mac and a QuickTime guy" Well, there are many advantages that Keynote has on PPoint (and if anything cared or if anyone actually reads this I could go into detail) but still it's not the solution. iMovie has the timing solution to all this, but the text aspect still is lacking.
Anyway I youtubed above a portion of what I was able to do. It's my way of honoring one of our genuine American heroes.


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