Monday, February 4, 2008

Martin Luther King

from 1/16/06 from pseudo-intellectualism I was looking through my files for Dr. King resources to post and wanted to supplement one of my slide shows. I did a search.
Well, if you go to you get redirected to a porn site. If you go to you get a racist, anti-semitic site. The latter, a David Duke work, mentions Kings' tie in with "commies" like Bayard Rustin and Stanley Levinson.
Well, so what. I was watching Cinderella Man and the scenes of despair caused by the depression (which I'm sure were a lot worse than those portrayed) were really upsetting. If it weren't for the "commie" influences on FDR we wouldn't have social security and other safety net programs. And what about those "horrible" things called trade unions? Yes, in the name of communism millions were slaughtered in Russia. How many in the world's history have been slaughtered in the name of religion or democracy? Here's two slide shows-one uses resources from kids discover magazine and the scholastic site on Rosa Parks.The other comes from this excellent site which has history in the form of comics.


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