Sunday, February 3, 2008

Harlem On My Mind: A 3 Slide Show Feature

from 12/30/05, again this time with google video versions above

Last year Isabel wanted resources on the Harlem Renaissance. This was a topic out of the norm for elementary school social studies, it's more middle school. I think her Urban Academy student teacher was doing a project with her kids on it. Before I rounded up a critical mass of material, she was on to something else. Anyway in organizing some of my files I revisited the topic, just in case someone else wants to do it. There's a lot to "mine" (the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture site for one) and It gives me a chance to use my jazz collection. Here's a sampling:

This slide show (be patient 5.2MB) features Sid Grossman's late 1930's photos of Harlem from the New Deal Collection at the Library of Congress. Music by Fletcher Henderson. A second slide show features images from Columbia University's Harlem History site. Music, Jumpin at the Woodside-not the original but a great recreation for the film "Swing Kids." A third slide show features postcard images of Harlem found on Gotham's York Library. This was combined with James P. Johnson's version of the Charleston. There's a lot of resources from feature films and documentaries as well: A Walk Through Harlem, I Remember Harlem, Murder on Lenox Avenue, Cotton Comes To Harlem, etc.


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