Friday, February 1, 2008

Follow The Drinking Gourd

from 5/23/06 from pseudo-intellectualism: At that time I only knew how to attach the slide shows. Now I can show them with the Google Video player. Downloading the attached slide shows will give you a more visible version

We have here two follow the drinking gourd slide shows. The first has mostly images from the excellent national geographic site combined with the Weaver's version of "Follow The Drinking Gourd." The second slide show has the Harriet Tubman "Gourd" song sung by Holly Near and Ronnie Gilbert. It has images from a Harriet Tubman kid pix created site (it's from my archives and I don't remember where it is from, but it is really good and obviously original. BTW the Tubman project with Ms. Rizzo's kids is going nicely. I'm using the "A Woman Called Moses" film and I will try to plug their word template driven responses into a 2 pre-formatted and musically timed powerpoints.


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