Friday, February 1, 2008

Aaron Siskind's Harlem Document

from 4/5/07 from pseudo-intellectualism

I supplemented my Siskind collection with images scanned from a Schomberg postcard book courtesy of Glennie Wilson's dad. I used Dianne Reeve's One For my Baby as a sound track. Here's info on Siskind: "Early in his career, Aaron Siskind was attracted to documentary photography. He joined the New York Photo League, an offshoot of the radical Film and Photo League, that was committed to documenting the urban social scene. The sympathetic eye Siskind brought to his subjects is clearly illustrated in this selection of photographs from the Harlem Document, an in-depth photographic project sponsored by the Film and Photo League. This was perhaps the first time a white photographer documented this black community."


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