Saturday, February 2, 2008

Using Digitized Coloring Books

I'll be uploading blank black ghistory coloring books similar to those that are described here: from 12/12/05 from pseudo-intellectualism : The work with Mr. Louie's 5th graders is proceeding nicely. My introduction to Photoshop with them was through the Revolutionary War pages from a scanned coloring book. Their objective was to color in one of the pages using the paint bucket and brush tools. We encountered problems when color leeched from one area to another when I didn't properly enclose gaps. The kids became proficient on "touch ups." They learned to zoom in and out, change colors, use the undo tools and how to go backward several steps to correct flaws. The team of Kao and Kim produced a really nice page. Here it is displayed with two other word assignments I created to compliment the Revolutionary pages. One had to do with sorting by kind, using a graphic organizer and the other using a table to sequence events.


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