Friday, February 1, 2008

Harriet Tubman, Using A Powerpoint Template

Originally 3/5/07 from pseudo-intellectualism
This is an example of how I used a powerpoint template to make it easier for kids to concentrate on the content rather than on wacky ppoint procedures. I had set up the ppoint layout and had inserted the music and timing. For the titles I used the lyrics of the song. The students then had to insert the appropriate text. The text came from the themes that were elicited as we watched the movie together. I used inspiration for that (a sample of one for Eleanor Roosevelt above). The students also inserted whatever picture they wanted. For ease and control (and not have to be internet based) they copied and pasted images from the quicktime converted version of the movie that I had made. Here I converted the ppoint to a slide show so as to make use of youtube.(forget about trying to get ppoint to convert to a movie itself!) This ppoint was done a few years ago by Cree Mitchell, a really great kid. Depending on your connection and traffic on youtube's server the timing for the movie is inconsistent but I think onercan get the general idea

Harriet Tubman (Walter Robinson) sung by Holly Near

One night I dreamed I was in slavery, 'bout 1850 was the time
Sorrow was the only sign, there's nothing about to ease my mind
out of the night appeared a lady leading a distant pilgrim band
First mate, she cried point her hand, make room aboard for this young woman
Come on up, I've got a lifeline
Come on up to this train of mine
Come on up, I've got a lifeline
Come on up to this train of mine
They said her name was Harriet Tubman
And she drove for the Underground Railroad
Hundreds of miles, we traveled onward gathering slaves from town to town
Seeking all the lost and found and setting those free that once were bound
Somehow my heart was growing weaker, I fell by the wayside sinking sand
Firmly did this lady stand, she lifted me up and took my hand


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