Sunday, February 10, 2008

African American Lives 2

A really well done show with an excellent companion site filled with ideas, resources, lesson plans The trailer is above
and the series overview:

Building on the widespread acclaim of African American Lives (2006) and Oprah's Roots (2007), AFRICAN AMERICAN LIVES 2 again journeys deep into ancestry of an all-new group of remarkable individuals, offering an in-depth look at the African-American experience and race relations throughout U.S. history. Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. returns as series host, guiding genealogical investigations down through the 20th century, Reconstruction, slavery and early U.S. history, and presenting cutting-edge genetic analysis that locates participants' ancestors in Africa, Europe and America. Joining Professor Gates in the new broadcast are poet Maya Angelou, author Bliss Broyard, actor Don Cheadle, actor Morgan Freeman, theologian Peter Gomes, publisher Linda Johnson Rice, athlete Jackie Joyner-Kersee, radio personality Tom Joyner, comedian Chris Rock, music legend Tina Turner, and college administrator Kathleen Henderson, who was selected from more than 2,000 applicants to have her family history researched and DNA tested alongside the series' well-known guests.
Educational Outreach
AFRICAN AMERICAN LIVES 2 will be accompanied by a far-reaching educational outreach component. Working in cooperation with seven public television stations in key markets across the country, Thirteen will provide direct, hands-on training to more than 1,000K-through-12 educators, guiding them in the use of the broadcast program, Web site, and print materials in standards-based classroom instruction. Each participating public television station will be partnering with a local museum, historical society, or genealogical association to maximize impact of the program in local communities. In addition, Thirteen is developing curriculum materials, lesson plans, a Web-based educational interactivity, as well as a print guide and highlights DVD to promote educational use of the series.
Multimedia Education Package
The Educational Publishing Department will produce an engaging Multimedia Package, including a guide and DVD, exploring the themes and ideas presented in AFRICAN AMERICAN LIVES 2. The guide will be interactive, with information on how to build a family tree, profiles of the 11 individuals featured in the series, and a list of informative resources. Users of the package will learn how to uncover details of their own past, and witness the revelatory moments others have experienced through this process of looking back. The AFRICAN AMERICAN LIVES 2 Multimedia Package will place the circumstances of one's history within reach.


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